Inkind Donations

The following organizations have generously contributed products which we pass on to those we serve. We are so grateful to these corporations for helping our sisters and brothers in need. The value of these donations equal over $250,000 each year.

Organizations donating food:

Cargill, Inc Thousands of hard-boiled eggs
Caribou Daily donation of bagels and pastries
Starbucks Daily donation of muffins and pastries
Woullet’s Bakery Weekly donation of beautiful cakes, pastries, breads and buns

Organizations donating clothing:

Ambler 24 neat hats
Artex Knitting 100 hats
Bomba’s Socks 2,800 pairs of colorful warm socks
B-Bam 200 neat hats
Big Bobble Hats 10 cool hats
Brfur 8 hats and 2 pairs of warm mittens
Buck Hill Ski wonderful winter clothing
Cirque Mountain 19 amazing hats
Colorado Limited 20 hats
Dohm Icebox 12 really cool hats
4Imprint 200 warm stocking caps
Graffiti 24 nice hats
Hickory and Tweed 7 dandy hats
Holy Angels Academy students 750 pairs of warm socks
Hopkins Alice Smith Elem. students 1,700 pairs of warm socks
Joe’s Sporting Goods 50 pairs of classy socks and 65 hats/caps
Kiwanis I-Next of Ohio  Assorted hats, gloves, carves, jackets.  Gift cards totaling $125.
Lake Superior Trading Post 25 hats
Logo Sportswear 42 hats
Pierce Skate and Ski 44 cool hats
Pioneer Midwest 14 dandy hats
Turtle Fur Lots of warm soft hats
UNRL headwear 6 cool hats
Valley Bike and Ski 82 warm hats
W82 45 hats
Wear a Knit 120 cool hats
Wigwam 520 pairs of warm socks
Yo Colorado 17 hats
Zephers 120 hats/caps
Zombie Board Shop 37 hats

Oral Hygiene Products:

Braveland Dental 120 Foggy toothbrushes
HealthPartners: Brooklyn Center 72 tubes of toothpaste
HealthPartners: Como 144 tubes of toothpaste
Health Partners: Inver Grove Hgts 72 toothbrushes
HealthPartners: Maplewood 108 tubes of toothpaste
HealthPartners: Midway 144 toothbrushes and 144 tubes of toothpaste
HealthPartners Corp 120 toothbrushes
HealthPartners: Riverside 100 toothbrushes and 72 tubes of toothpaste
Personalized Toothbrushes 65 toothbrushes
Practicon 72 toothbrushes
Personal Oral Hygiene 288 toothbrushes
Quantum Lab 288 toothbrushes
Tess Oral 144 toothbrushes