COVID-19 Operations Update

At Mobile Loaves Twin Cities, we have been working to find a way to continue to provide meals to the people in need that we serve, and keep our volunteers as safe as we can.

We have develop a new method to do this,  Here’s an example of what a new run looks like – this was done in early May, MLTC delivered 160 meals to Salvation Army – St Paul Citadel.  They have a food shelf that used to open one day a week but, with COVID-19, is now operating daily.

Ron is training all volunteers on the new procedures, and is also managing the new purchasing the needs to be done.

This is the “new” Make Ready operation.  Meals are individually bagged – sandwiches are purchased and kept refrigerated util they are bagged.  Note we have the church to ourselves while Make Ready is going on.
Here are the meals boxed up and ready to be delivered.  Each box is labeled with the sandwich type.
The “new” Truck Operation.  Boxes are loaded into volunteers vehicle – the MLTC truck is not used.
For this site, the boxes are unloaded in an agreed upon location, no one else is around except the MLTC volunteers.
A staff person from the Citadel comes out after we have unloaded the boxes and carts them inside.
Each site has a different setup for delivery.  Janet has coordinated with a site person at each site to ensure that MLTC volunteer contact with people at the site is controlled and minimized.
Another shot of Citadel staff transferring the sandwiches inside their facility.
Sandwiches are brought out front by Citadel staff and distributed to our people. 
We were told that 150 meals are given out in less than 30 minutes.  This site was just starting to get busy when we left.
Here are our new meal offerings – to minimize contamination and risk to our volunteers, we are purchasing PBJ, chicken, and beef sandwiches. The feedback from our customers has been positive and they are thankful we are able to continue provide them with meals in a difficult time for them.