An MLTC volunteer and patron laughing together.Five or six times a week, Mobile Loaves Twin Cities volunteers gather in the basement of Knox Presbyterian church to prepare fresh sandwiches. The shiny silver truck is pulled to the side door of the church and the volunteer crew – the “make ready” team –  loads it with fruit, cookies, snacks, sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, and dessert, as well as beverages, toiletries, and clothing. As the make ready teams finish stocking, the truck team begins to arrive. Soon they will hit the road to deliver meals to two or three of the roughly 25 different locations Mobile Loaves Twin Cities visits each month.

These nightly runs provide a nutritious meal and fellowship to low income and homeless men, women, children, seniors, and families almost every evening of every month. Since 2010 Mobile Loaves Twin Cities has  served over 150,000 meals.  We serve in most weather conditions – in the freezing winter, the sweltering summer, and even some lovely 70° breezy summer days.

In addition to regular runs, Mobile Loaves Twin Cities can and has responded to emergencies.  When three tornadoes tore through North Minneapolis in May of 2011, the call went out to our volunteers, asking for their help. MLTC volunteers responded that first day and continued to show up for the next two weeks.  Each day they loaded 300-400 meals and made truck runs to serve our North Side neighbors who had lost so much to the tornadoes. Mobile Loaves Twin Cities was one of 4 designated foods sites that provided 4,300 meals, as well as thousands of cookies and cartons of milk, and hundreds of cases of water to neighbors in a part of town people often overlook.

For new volunteers, contact:

Janet Thomas janetethoma@gmail.com

Jeanne Leighton leightonjeanne@gmail.com

For current volunteers:

You can access our volunteer site for scheduling and communications with your teams. You can login to Tracker here.