We will provide over 45,000 meals this year to our neighbors in need in the Twin Cities – your donation counts!

We have no paid staff at MLTC; our organization is 100% volunteer run. Every donation goes to helping feed those who are hungry, marginalized and not able to meet basic needs. With your help, we can provide food, clothing, and dignity to our brothers and sisters in need. Thank you!

Suggested Donations:

  • MLTC Corporate Sustainer – We welcome Corporations, Foundations or Family Trusts who donate $100 or more per month ($1,200 or more per year)  – approx. 600 meals (includes sandwich, fruit, dessert, chips and drink)
  • MLTC Individual Sustainer – Thanks to individuals or families who donate $50 or more per month ($600 or more per year)- approx. 300 meals
  • $400 One Truck Run – approx. 150 meals (includes sandwich, fruit, dessert, chips and drink)
  • $200 Sandwiches for one Truck Run
  • $125 Fruit and Dessert for one Truck Run
  • $50 Chips and Drinks for one Truck Run
  • $25 Other Supplies for one Truck Run
  • Any amount is appreciated!

All donations are welcome, proceeds go directly to serving those in need, and are tax-deductible. Mobile Loaves Twin Cities is a 100% volunteer-based organization.

You have two ways to donate:

MAKE A ONE TIME DONATION:  Click on the DONATE button below, enter credit card information and amount you wish to donate, and you’re done – thank you!

OR, MAKE A RECURRING DONATION (monthly or annually): Fill out the information below, click on the DONATE button at the bottom, and we will automatically process your donations. Recurring donations help us better plan, and you can still cancel at anytime – thank you so much!

(Note – recurring donations require a PayPal account, you simply log in or create your PayPal account after you fill out and click the DONATE button below)

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